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Vegan – Affordable – Environmental Friendly Fashion!


About 88

Vegan: 88 is PETA approved. No animal products used, ever! The founder of 88 is a life long vegetarian and believes that the environment would benefit from the reduction of factory farming.


Affordable: 88 is passionate about creating great products without having to break the bank! How do we do this? We manufacturer and sell directly to the customer, no boutique or department store markups! That cost savings is extended to you. Who doesn’t love that?


Quality: 88 is a collection of various vegan leathers. The scientific names are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride) PU is better for the environment and more expensive than PVC.  88 values the environment and wants to bring the best to our customers so we only use PU.

88 develops our own custom hardware, keeping in mind what is best suited for the environment. The quality is equal to that of handbags double the cost of ours. If you are hesitant, get our bag and see. If not satisfied, return it free of charge!


All of our suppliers are certified compliant for human rights and good working conditions. We are proud of our relationships with our suppliers, most of whom we have worked with for years and whom we consider part of the 88 family.


Meaning of 88

These meanings are the symbolic meaning of the brand 88.

The number 88 is the number of constellations in the sky.

Shuttle mission 88 started construction of the international space station finished in 1988.

88 is considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture as it sounds like word for wealth.

In ham radio 88 is the sign off that means love and kisses..

The snake swallowing its own tail is an ancient Egyptian symbol for the self sustaining, self contained universe.

88 represents the cycle of creation and recreation.


Charitable contributions

88 donates a % of every sale to a charity that assists in educating women around the world. We believe that educating women is the key to a better world.

The charity that we support is: http://www.careinternational.org.uk/fighting-poverty/empowering-women-an....

We would encourage you to donate your unwanted bags to Dress for Success, another charity that empowers women to achieve economic independence: http://www.dressforsuccess.org.


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